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Welcome to help hoima online

Who we are

Help Hoima is a charity 
that works to improve 
the lives of children and 
the quality of healthcare, salvehospital
education and agriculture 
in Hoima, treatmenthealing Uganda. 

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What we do

Help Hoima has three areas
of focus: Children & Education,
Health, Trees & Agriculture.
There are several projects
within each focus area that  
we have been involved with.

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An amazing country

Hoima is a town in
western Uganda. Much like
the rest of Uganda it is a
beautiful part of the world,
that will take your breath
away, but it needs help to
develop in many areas. 

More on Hoima & Uganda 

Supporting us

We very much value your
support. To continue with
our work in Hoima, of course
we need money. We would
love to help you to begin to
contribute to our ongoing work
supporting the Homia community

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We recentley organised trips for young people from St John's Church,
Hartley Wintney and two teaching placements. Here's their story and newsletters...


The Ward's newsletter from a recent visit  |  Ellie & Robbie's newsletter from a recent visit

Watch a thank you video to all our sponsors


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